2018 Junior Royale Parade

Thursday, July 05, 2018 @ 6:30pm

Junior Royale Parade - Prince & PrincessTOUCHSTONE ENERGY JUNIOR ROYALE PARADE


Known as one of the largest children’s parade in Michigan, the Junior Royale Parade is highlighted with kid friendly floats, Junior Royalty, clowns, marching units and more.

Route Distance: 1 mile.
Time on route is approximately 35 minutes from start to finish.
The parade is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes from start to finish.


2018 Touchstone Energy Cooperatives Junior Royale Parade (Thursday) –

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All entries are subject to approval by the National Cherry Festival. The National Cherry Festival reserves the right to refuse any entry that is deemed not to be in the best interest of the National Cherry Festival Parades.
Exception to any rule contained herein involves approval of the National Cherry Festival Director of Parades. Such approval must occur prior to parade start, unless otherwise noted. Violation of any rule contained herein may result in the immediate removal of a unit prior to or during the parade and render the unit ineligible to participate in future parades.


  1. Entry applications are available at www.cherryfestivalparades.org only. We do not accept any paper applications. Please contact 231-947-4230 ext 380 for assistant if you are unable to apply online.

  2. Entries in all parades must adhere to line-up times. This information will be in your final mailing.
  3. Any Entries sponsored by advocating for or depicting any political organization or controversial issue, social issue are not permitted. The goal and purpose of the parades are specific and un-flexible. Only seated official representatives elected by the people are permitted in the parade and are by invitation only. No campaigning is allowed.
  4. All units are required to maintain a forward motion.
  5. NO CHASE/ SUPPORT VEHICLES ARE ALLOWED BY ANY ENTRY. There are several emergency vehicles posted along the parade route and are there for the purpose of assisting any parade participants.
  6. Strict safety precautions must be observed by all entries. These include:
    1. Handouts (hand to hand contact) from units will be permitted for entertainment purposes only. All handouts including type of candy MUST be approved by the Director of Parades prior to June 1. Items must be entertaining to the crowd – no solicitation, no noise makers, no political or election material allowed.
    2. Any activities encouraging spectators to shake hands or otherwise participate in the parade, thereby impacting parade time-lines and flow of parade, are not allowed.
  7. All entries having music or sound amplifying systems shall maintain a volume that will not interfere with other entries, especially those with animals.  If a unit is informed by a Parade official that the noise generated by their unit is too loud; they shall immediately turn the volume down.
  8. The National Cherry Festival Parades do not accept applications from Pageants (i.e. Miss America, Miss’s, Mrs’s or the like). We accept all applications from other festivals and chambers representing municipalities or communities. Any election to this rule is by invitation only by the Director of Parades.


  1. Any entry advertising a product or a company in the DTE Energy Cherry Royale Parade or the Touchstone Energy Junior Royale Parade is subject to a fee and shall be considered a commercial business entry.
    • Consumers Energy Heritage Parade – Presented by Hagerty – $600
    • Touchstone Energy Junior Royale Parade Fee – $600
    • DTE Energy Foundation Cherry Royale Parade Fee – $600
  2. Floats will be judged during each parade, on the parade route. Main judging will occur during the parade and on the parade route. Driver must stay with vehicle at all times or leave cell phone number with the personnel at the Parade Check In on State Street and Garfield.
  3. No float may exceed 13.6 feet in height due to traffic lights and power lines on Front and Union Streets in addition floats may not exceed 21 feet in width. Please measure the total entry length, including the vehicle, tow bar, and float to ensure sufficient spacing for the staging area.
  4. To qualify as a float, the unit must be skirted and all objects on it must be completely decorated in floral sheeting or its equivalent, and must be in good taste for a family event.
  5. All units will be inspected for unapproved advertising, sponsor mentions, etc. All unauthorized advertising will be removed.
  6. Floats must be equipped with a Class ABC fire extinguisher. All units will be checked for this item at line-up time.
  7. Walkers are permitted to walk behind a float not along side of it and may be used to give out hand outs.
    • All walkers must be dressed to the look and feel of the float. Do not look like you are part of the crowd walking behind a float.
    • Groups of more than 20 must be approved by the Director of Parades prior to walking.


  1. Motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, or other motorized vehicles not licensed for road use are deemed unacceptable unless approved by the National Cherry Festival.
  2. Drivers of motorized vehicles licensed for road use must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid driver’s license. Please stay with vehicle at all times or leave your cell phone number with the personnel at the Parade Check In at State Street and Garfield.
  3. Motorized units must be equipped with a Class ABC fire extinguisher. All units will be checked for this item at line-up time.


  1. Each unit is required to have their own CLEAN UP CREW. Failure to provide a clean-up crew or equivalent will result in being removed from the parade.
  2. Parade dress for horse riders is desired.
  3. Acrobatic maneuvers must be approved by the National Cherry Festival. Failure to do so will result in removal from the parade.
  4. Animals must be controlled by means of a harness, halter, or leash, if not otherwise contained.


  1. No maneuvers are allowed that slow the forward movement of the parade.
  2. Musical units, precision drill teams, and baton units must consist of at least 15 members unless approved by the National Cherry Festival.
  3. Marching units are defined as walking units only. Escort vehicles are not permitted unless approved by the Director of Parades prior to parade start.


  1. All rules and guidelines apply to special units.